Urinary Tract Infections

When I was young, I did not drink water. I did not drink anything all day except the glass of milk my mom gave me at each meal. I ate a lot of fruit. Craved fruit! Now I know why. I was dehydrated and went for what appealed to me. Now as an older person, the price is now being paid with low grade UTIs and sometimes full blown infections. I was taking different things to fight off infections but finally found a good combination of herbs to get it under control and to keep it away.

My ND discovered that I had an underlying and ongoing urinary tract infection and that it had existed most of my life.

For ongoing infections and for the occasional infection and for the good health of your urinary tract, here is what I use and how they work.

JP-X (100 caps)

This product will stop the infection in your kidneys. Even though you may see immediate relief, my suggestion is that you need to stay on this for 8-10 days. If taken at the first sign of problems such as cloudy urine or a slight ache in the middle and sides of back, this will fight the infection and clear it out. When I have ignored the first symptoms and ended up on antibiotics, I still had to take this afterward to finish off the infection and took this along with probiotics to put the good bacteria back in my system. If you feel an infection coming on that is more than a slight infection, my suggestion would be to add in this next product.

Lymph Gland Cleanse-HY (100 caps)

Even though this targets the Lymph, this product was originally called IGS II and it was used as an infection fighter. It does have cayenne in it, so take it with food. The cayenne is what I call a “sender”. It makes all the herbs go to where it was designed to go and quickly as it opens the blood vessels for better circulation. This combination is great to have around to fight off flus, viruses and bacterial infections. It isn’t the “Big Guns” but it does work to prevent the infection or illness from progressing.

The reason I add this to JP-X if the infection is more pronounced is because it adds to the infection fighting process.

Hydrangea (100 caps)

Hydrangea is what I take every day for good health of my urinary tract. It keeps the tract in balance.

Cranberry & Buchu Conc. (100 caps)

This is a fabulous nutritional combination but read the note below. This works wonders on bladder infections but is not what you would use for a kidney infection.

•Nutritionally supports the health of the urinary tract.
•Helps deodorize urine.

Cranberry/Buchu Concentrate [Urinary]. Scientific studies have concluded that cranberry juice contains substances that affect the urinary tract by interfering with the adhesion of potentially dangerous microbes to the urinary tract lining.

NSP combines cranberry juice concentrate with buchu herb concentrate. Buchu helps nourish the urinary tract. Its powerful, penetrating aroma is akin to peppermint. Careful processing reduces the liquid to a concentrated powder before encapsulation.

NOTE: Do not take this concentrated formula in conjunction with uva ursi.